Meet Junior - our darling little guy who took the show circuit by storm in November, 2007.  Junior was entered at the 4-day Leatherstocking circuit in Syracuse, New York to gain some show experience.  From the 6-9 puppy dog class, Junior trained us - he finished his championship by winning one 3-point and three 4-point majors and completing his championship in four days!  No training was needed - he is a natural show dog!
In March of 2008, the TSCA National Specialty was in Albany, Oregon.  Bill and I flew out  - each of us took one dog in the cabin with us to compete.  Junior handled the long trip with ease and thought the attention he got at the airports was wonderful.  Although he was finished, Junior was still eligible to compete in the 12-15 month National Sweepstakes class.   He remembered those four shows in Syracuse and how to be a show dog - under judge Barbara Berg, Junior went all the way to Best of Opposite Sex in the TSCA National Sweepstakes.  He also competed in the Best of Breed ring at the age of 13 months, where he cheered on his kennel-mate Wyatt to Best of Breed from the Veteran Dog Class.
Junior is now living with Ann in Central, New Jersey.  We cannot thank Ann enough for taking Junior into her home.  Below are some pictures of Junior living the good life with Ann!