We are very excited to introduce "THE SUGAR CUBES" a lovely litter born on August 14, 2015.  Below is an ad that was in the TSCA Newsletter this summer - you can see how they got their name.  Pictures of the babies below the ad.
The "Cubes" were born and raised by Laura Davidson, their co-breeder, but they came home to us on Saturday, October 10th.  They will get their shots, physicals and bile acid testing in the next few weeks and then be ready to head to their new homes.  We have a male show prospect still available.

Below are their first "stacked" photos - they were not amused with having to stand still and be pretty.  In fact, Maple said he was not going to be a good boy - he was just too tired.
The "Cubes" enjoyed time outside chasing leaves and digging in the dirt.  Below are some photos of them taken after playtime.  The dirt is still apparent on some noses.  They really did not want to stop and stand still as evident in some of the photos.  They are growing up nicely and we are very happy with them.